New Model Yamaha Dhoom YD70 Price in Pakistan

Yamaha Dhoom Price in Pakistan

New Model Yamaha Dhoom YD70 Price in Pakistan

Dhoom YD70 – Second Only to Honda CD 70:

It has been more than a decade since dozens of Chinese bike brands have been trying beat and defeat the Honda CD 70, the best seller two-wheeler in the country or at least enjoy the same level of popularity and trust of the buyers. But none has ever been able to take its place or even attain the same or nearly the same level of popularity. Though almost all have beaten it in terms of price, none could snatch the title of “the most favored” or “the best seller” from it. What could be the reason? It is probably the fuel-efficiency, durability and comparatively high resale value.

Do you know there is a bike on the market that carries the characteristic of both the Chinese and Japanese bikes? Just guess! It is as inexpensive as a Chinese motorcycle. But, at the same time, it carries the name of a Japanese brand. It is none other than Yamaha Dhoom YD 70. What do you expect the Yamaha Dhoom YD70 price in Pakistan? It is just around fifty thousand rupees. Doesn’t it sound so reasonable? It does.

What’s Really Special about Dhoom?

The specialty of the new Yamaha Dhoom YD70 lies in its durability and the high resale value. Another important source of attraction for the potential buyers is the Japanese origin of the bike. Though costly, any product or item from Japan is always of superior quality. That is why anything that carries the name of a Japanese brand gets immediate appeal and trust of the potential buyers.

As compared with the Chinese brands, like Unique, United and Super Power, the resale value of the Dhoom is relatively high. At the same time, you get a high level of comfort and stability while driving Yamaha’s YD against the affordable Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 price in Pakistan.

A Reasonably Fuel Efficient Drive:

The users also like Dhoom YD 70 for its fuel economy. Though it is not comparable to the 80 km/l mileage of the latest Honda CD 70 2018, the fuel efficiency of the YD 70 is quite reasonable. Well, you can run it for around 55 kilometers with the single letter of fuel.

Overall, Dhoom comes as an amazing option for the low-income buyers who always want to buy a two-wheeler with the tag of “Japan” attached to it. It offers a beautiful aerodynamically styled body and a durable and sufficiently powerful machine.




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