New Model Unique UD 125 Price in Pakistan 2018 and Review

Unique UD 125 Price in Pakistan

New Model Unique UD 125 Price in Pakistan 2018 and Review

The 125cc with 5-Speed Gearbox:

Against the unbelievably low Unique UD 125 price in Pakistan 2018, the latest model comes with special appeal for those who aspire to enjoy a powerful ride on an economical two-wheeler that features the latest tech specs. You know, a much costlier Honda CG 125 2018 in Pakistan, lacks in the cutting-edge technology standards like the electric starter system but the UD 125cc brings such features. Also while the CG 125 features a traditional 4-speed transmission, the UD brings an advanced 5-speed gearbox. Don’t you think superior specs make Unique’s UD a better choice especially for those who cannot afford the high priced Japanese brands?

What does a 5-speed gearbox mean? It simply means you will more gears to apply in versatile drive and road conditions and get a smoother and more stable ride. In other words, you will have a suitable gear for every possible situation you may encounter on the congested city roads and rough inter-city travels.

Unique UD 125 Picture

The All-Attractive Electric Starter Technology:

While the more advanced or rather the most liked 125cc bikes (CG from Honda, for example) offer the manual and laborious kick-starter mechanism, a bike from the lower end of the mart, the Unique UD 125 startles the crowd with its electric starter system. And the electric starter system means you can avoid all the hassle of the kick-starter mechanism to put your two-wheeler on the road. However, the kick-starter system is available as an option to utilize in case the electric start goes out of order.

So, when you get more sophisticated specs, it is logical that the Unique UD 125 2018 price in Pakistan should also be higher than that of the competing brands. That is not however the case, but exactly the reverse of it. The price tag attached to it does not read more than 80,000 rupees. So, the new Unique UD appears an attractive deal which every low-income buyer with passion and enthusiasm for powerful heavy-bike like drive should rush for.




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