Latest Unique UD 100 2018 Price in Pakistan with Review


Latest Unique UD 100 2017 Price in Pakistan with Review

What is Really Unique about Unique UD 100?

If you are looking for unique things about the all new Unique UD 100 2018, you can realize it yourself with the first drive. Anyhow, based on the real experience, some of the unique features of the Unique UD are being highlighted here in the Unique UD 100 review.

Putting it in a few words, the UD 100 is unique from inside out – that is, the uniqueness lies not only in the functioning and performance but also the styling and overall craftsmanship. Here are few logical reasons in support of the claim that the Unique is unique in many ways.

Sturdy, Streamlined Body: Users now put it as one of their primary requirements that their traveling companion should have a strong and sturdy body with streamlined body dynamics. So, you can look at the backbone type frame of the bike which makes the bike look all-impressive.

The muscular body parts with attractive designs and dimensions further contribute to the grace and decency of the bike. Right from the headlight till the end of the tail, you come across bold and fresh styling and structuring.

Electric Starter in 100cc: It is usually very rare that you will get the advanced self-starter or electric starter system in a 100cc bike. But, against the incredibly affordable Unique UD 100 2018 price in Pakistan, the manufacturers have taken the bold and leading step to offer this wonderful functionality in the bike.

Unique UD 100 Pictures

Heavy Bike-Like Stature: The latest Unique UD 100 2018 belongs to the category of low range and affordable two-wheelers but as you have a look at its sound and sturdy stature, it emanates an air of a true heavy bike. The muscular body parts and greater dry weight come forward to support that claim. The dry weight of 150 kg serves to stabilize the drive and contribute to the comfort level of the rider as they take it on road. At the same time, it also makes the bike fit for off road driving with a cool and pleasurable experience.

Unique UD 100 versus Yamaha YB 100:

As the trend is shifting from less powerful 70cc bikes to mid-range motorcycles, people are more inclined to get a 100cc two-wheeler. But most of the brands in this range offer 125cc displacement for the engine. It also makes the bike a bit more expensive and unreachable for the low-income buyers.

Perceiving the changing taste of the buyers and catering to their needs in the best possible manner, some manufacturers have launched bikes with 100cc engine capacity. And, in many cases, they give the power and efficiency of a 125cc bike. Now it is up to the potential buyers which brand they consider best for themselves.

Yamaha YB 100 and Unique UD 100 are the staunch rivals in the market fiercely competing with each other for popularity and sales volume. Let’s compare and contrast the pros and cons of each in a bid to find out which one is really better than the other.

The Very Origin: The first major difference is that of the brand and the origin. The Royale YB belongs to the celebrated Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles in the country, Yamaha. On the other hand, the UD is a product of Chinese origin with some really great features and functionalities combined with an amazing Unique UD 100 price in Pakistan.

Power and Efficiency: Secondly, as it is obvious from the titles, both are powered by a 100cc engine. But there lies the difference in the capacity and efficiency of power generation. Unique UD’s machine features a more advanced 4-stroke technology while Yamaha’s Royale YB is based on 2-stroke single cylinder engine. Now you must be able to guess which one is superior to the other.

Transmission: The transmission is the same in both the rivals. Each offers a traditional 4-speed gearbox and you shouldn’t expect something more advanced from a bike lying in the 100cc category. However, the bikes belong to the higher category do offer the latest 5-speed constant mesh transmission system.

The Tank: Talking of fuel tank, it is smaller in Yamaha with the capacity to accommodate 8.6 liters of petrol. On the other hand, a significantly larger fuel tank of the Unique UD can accommodate as much as 10 liters of fuel. It means, with Unique UD, you can travel longer distances with single refill.

Price: Finally, it comes the turn of price. Carrying a bit superior specs standards, the Unique UD 100 price in Pakistan is higher than the Yamaha Royale YB 100 price in Pakistan.

Important Note: As the manufacturing of Yamaha Royale 100 bike had been suspended, so you may not be able to get a new bike. However, used bikes in varying fitness conditions are available in the market.

Unique UD versus Super Power Leo:

Both the Unique UD and Super Power Leo are Chinese bike brands and are included in the list of the top 10 best-selling Chinese bikes in the country. From the appearance, you may guess that both would be carrying the same specs standards for performance but the case is very different. In fact, Unique UD 100 2018 is only half as powerful as Super Power Leo 2018. That is, the UD features a 100cc machine. On the other hand, the engine displacement of Leo reads 200cc – a big difference.

Secondly and quickly logically, the Leo brings the super 5-speed transmission system against the traditional 4-speed gearbox found in Unique’s UD.
As far as price is concerned, again you will come across a big difference. The Unique UD 100 price in Pakistan is just around eighty-five thousand rupees. On the other hand, the Super Power Leo 2018 price in Pakistan is more than twice as much as that of UD – it is around two lac rupees.

Summing up, if you can afford, the Leo is a better choice for a more powerful and thrilling drive. In case of the issue of affordability, you would definitely go for the UD. But don’t lose heart – here too you will get nearly the same driving pleasure. Also note that it will save you a lot in terms of fuel expenditure.




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