Latest Suzuki Bandit Price in Pakistan 2017 Model

Suzuki Bandit Price in Pakistan

Latest Suzuki Bandit Price in Pakistan 2017 Model

Suzuki, one of the oldest Japanese manufacturers in Pakistan, enjoys a big name and fame for the top quality and incredibly economical two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. A wide variety of brands is available for both types of vehicles. And each brand includes several models with high, medium or low specs standards to cater to the needs and taste of a large public.

Bandit sport-standard bike series:

Different models of Suzuki Bandit sport-standard motorcycles have been selling like hot cakes in the international markets including that of Pakistan. The Suzuki Bandit price in Pakistan has always been competitive and reasonable as compared with those of the rival brands.

All the models of the Suzuki Bandit are grouped under the GSF series. The first ever Bandit motorcycle appeared in 1989, the 248cc GSF250 with water-cooled engine technology. It was one of the beginner level Suzuki Bandit heavy bikes. The manufacturing of this model ended in 2000 but the used bike remained in sales for the coming several years. It is still available in Pakistan and the sports enthusiasts love to own it.

Suzuki Bandit Price in Pakistan 2017

Every succeeding model of the GSF series came with the improved engine power and other specs standards. For example, while GSF250 carried a 248cc machine, its successor the GSF400 was significantly more powerful with a 398cc engine displacement. Then appeared GSF600, GSF650, GSF750, GSF1200 and GSF1250 one after the other. As you can see, the GSF1250 is the most powerful of the Bandit siblings with whopping 1255cc displacement. In fact, it is as powerful as Suzuki Hayabusa, one of the fastest heavy bikes in the world.

Here follows a brief Suzuki Bandit review for different members of the series.

Suzuki Bandit GSF250: Though the manufacturing of Suzuki Bandit GSF250 was discontinued as early as 2000, it still lives in the hearts of the sports bike fans. Just have a look at this tastefully stylish Bandit and you will love its design and body curvatures. It features a 16-valve, 4-storke, liquid cooled engine with the electronic and transistorized modes for ignition. The Suzuki Bandit price in Pakistan for a used GSF 250 depends on its condition. It ranges between as low as Rs. 80,000 and as high as Rs. 3,60,000 or move.

GSF 400 Suzuki Bandit: Discontinued in 1997, the Suzuki Bandit GSF 400 is a naked, “baby Bandit” like its junior sibling GSF250. The high-revving 398cc engine of the two-wheeler is mounted on a trellis (streel) frame. The body is available in two decent red and black color variants. It features 6-speed transmission system to give you a suitable gear for every situation. After you start the machine with ‘electric start system’, it churns out 59 hp @ 12,000 revolution per minute.

Bandit Suzuki GSF 600: The production of Suzuki Bandit GSF 400 continued till 2005. But the Suzuki Bandit fans have great enthusiasm for the used bikes. The engine of this supersport bike measures impressive 599cc in displacement to generate 77 hp. Just like the 400 GSF, it is based on 6-speed transmission. Powered by the 4-stroke DOHC machine, it can attain the top speed of 200 kilometers per hour. For start-up, it brings electric mechanism with digital transistorized ignition technology.

2018 Suzuki Bandit Price in Pakistan

GSF 650 Suzuki Bandit: Successor to and a bit improved variant of GSG 600, the GSF 650 was launched in Spain in 2005 with the addition of 56cc to the engine displacement as compared with its variant Bandit 650S. On the other hand, built on the Bandit chassis, GSX650F appeared in 2008 as a bit sportier variant of the 650 GSF. The GSF 650 generates the same 77 hp and features digital transistorized ignition and electric starting mechanism. The top speed is nearly 200 km/h.

Suzuki GSF 750 Bandit: An amalgam of the parts from both 1200 and 600 models, Suzuki Bandit 750 has the engine capacity of 748cc along with the advanced 6-speed gearbox. It can generate the power of 85 bhp (Brake Horsepower). It can give you the maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hour. The GSF 750 was manufactured only for the Japanese market from 1996 to 1999.

Bandit GSF 1200 Suzuki: Also called Bandit 1200S, the incredibly powerful Suzuki Bandit GSF 1200 was launched as early as 1996 the same year when GSF 750 made its way to the road. The production continued till 2007 when it was replaced by a bit more powerful GSF 1250. The DOHC, 16-valve, 4-stroke engine has the capacity of 1157cc, enough to generate the force of 98 hp! After starting it through electric startup, you can run it at the maximum speed of 233 km/h – a great speed indeed.

GSF 1250 – The Most Powerful Bandit: Reading 1254cc in engine capacity, the Suzuki Bandit GSF 1250 happens to be the most powerful Bandit motorcycle. It’s almost as energetic as the king of recently launched Suzuki Power League, Suzuki Hayabusa. The GSF 1250 has inherited most of its parts and features from its predecessor, GSF 1200. For example, there is the same 4-stroke, 16-valve engine with digital transistored ignition and electric start-up. Among the improvements include a 6-speed gearbox and addition of about 98cc to the engine displacement.

2017 Suzuki Bandit Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Bandit 2017 Price:

The GSF 1250 is the latest addition to the prestigious Bandit sport-standard motorcycle series. The latest version carries a Suzuki Bandit 2017 price tag which makes it a bit more expensive than its predecessor 2016 model.

In addition to GSF 1250, the broad category of Suzuki Bandit 2017 also contains several less powerful models, including 250, 400 and 750. Logically, Suzuki heavy bikes price in Pakistan increases as the specs go higher. For example, you can get the beginner 250 Suzuki Bandit 2017 for less than 1 lac rupees.

On the other hand, Suzuki Bandit 2017 price in Pakistan for GSF 650 model can be as high as Rs. 15,00,000 or even higher. Looking at the most advanced Bandit 1250, the price would be beyond the reach of many aspirants. This 4-stroke bike comes with convenient electric start mechanism, 6-speed transmission system and has the engine capacity of 656cc. Such a powerful bike gives a true sporty feel.




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