Super Power Leo 200cc Price in Pakistan New Model 2018 Review

Super Power Leo 200cc Price in Pakistan

Super Power Leo 200cc Price in Pakistan New Model 2017 Review

Super Power Leo 200cc 2018 Price in Pakistan

Tasting Like a Pure Heavy Bike:

Super Power, one of the top ranking Chinese bikes brands, has already won the hearts of the sports bike enthusiasts by launching the Super Power Leo 200cc bike. The latest 2018 version of the Leo comes with improved styling, performance and overall dynamics to offer something even more sporty and stylish to the Super Power fans. Here you also need to note that initially it was the 70cc Super Power bike which earned the company a place in the hearts of the users by offering power, durability and a high resale value. As the Super Power clients base was already strong, the launch of the heavy bike Leo 200cc received an overwhelming response from the potential buyers.

Just have a look at the refined, muscular body of the Leo 200 which exudes style and boldness from every inch – a delicious and hearty feast for the eyes of the onlookers, isn’t it? The significantly raised and ergonomically designed fuel tank not only adds to the beauty of the two-wheeler but also contributes to the comfort level of the seat. The seat, on the other hand, is relatively low so the rider can easily reach the controls at the lower level to operative and regulate the machine.
The muscular shields, located just below the fuel tank and to the front, seem to be continuous with the design of the fuel tank. They not only add to the brave appearance of this road beast but also provide safety to the rider in case of an unfortunate accident.

Super Power Leo Pictures

For a peaceful, pleasure-yielding and thrilling drive, the rider is required to maintain a forward leaning posture – and this is what you need to do on almost every sports bike.

The Beast Built to Roar on the Road:

Did you notice the sound of the Leo while it runs on the road or an off-road terrain? The energetic machine produces a peculiar roar. It triggers the deepest thrill and passion in the riders and spectators alike. As the company slogan reads, the Leo is a lion that is built to roar on the road. As you go your way, the very sound of new Leo 200cc 2018 will grab the attention and turn the heads of people.

Super Power’s Journey to Prominence:

The manufacturer of the renowned Super Power bikes emerged as Pirani Trading Company which was launched in the 1990s to deal with fertilizers and edibles, like sugar, wheat, pulses and chick peas. In 2005, the Pirani stepped into the business of motorcycles and auto rickshaw manufacturing through its subsidiary N.J. Auto Industries Limited. So, it was this year when the trusted brand of Chinese bike, Super Power, was launched.

The manufacturing of auto parts started a year later in 2006. Presently, PM Auto Industries, another subsidiary of the parent company, is involved in the manufacturing of Power Van, Trucks and E-Ford Tractors. So, within the time span of just two decades, a pulse and sugar dealer has emerged as a trusted brand of two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles.

Extraordinary Power and Performance:

Against competitive and affordable Super Power Leo 200cc price in Pakistan, the heavy bike is powered by a potentially energetic 4-stroke machine which measures 194cc in displacement. It is capable of generating 11.5 kw of force which is more than enough to give a truly thrilling and electrifying driving experience.

Super Power Leo Back Side

With the powerful 200cc engine, the new Super Power Leo can run at the speed of well above hundred kilometers per hour. With muscular body and high speed, the two-wheeler gives the dual advantage of a heavy and sports bike. At the same time, you can also use it for fast inter-city travels. In this way, you can not only save a lot of your precious time but also satiate your thirst for thrill and enthusiasm. It is suitable for long intercity travels also because the large fuel tank can accommodate as much as 16 liters of fuel, thus eliminating the need for frequent refilling.
So, it gives a rare opportunity to the sports bike fans who would have been dreaming of riding a heavy bike for long but could never see the light of reality. No other brand can offer such a two-wheeler with enticing appearance, heart-touching performance and incredibly low Super Power Leo 200cc price in Pakistan.

5-Speed Gearbox & All-Efficient Electric Starter System:

As expected for a high-end heavy bike, the new Super Power Leo 200cc bike features an advanced transmission system with 5-speed gearbox. Do you know what is the real benefit of a 5-speed gearbox? Obviously, it adds to the stability and comfort of driving by offering a suitable gear for every single situation you may encounter on rough and uneven roads. Such an advanced features has the additional benefit of making the bike fuel efficient – and it is! As the fuel pricing are again going high, you will need such a fuel efficient bike to make the journeys economical.

The electric starter system is there to make starting up of the heavy bike as easy as the ‘push of a button’. It saves the rider from the laborious activity of pushing against the kick lever again and again. And kick starter system becomes so embarrassing when it loses its efficiency or when you have to start the bike while stuck up in the congested city traffic. However, the kick-start system is also provided to help you rev up the engine of the motorcycle in case the electric starter system stops working.

Super Power Leo Price in Pakistan 2018

So, against all these class-leading specs and systems, what do you expect the Super Power Leo 200cc 2018 price in Pakistan? Logically, it must correspond to the superior specification standards of the Leo. If so, it must be priced at around three to four lack rupees. But that is not the case. Just compare around two lac rupees price of the bike against that of competing brands and you’ll realize the difference – and there is a big, conspicuous difference!

Super Leo versus Unique UD – Misguiding Appearance:

Both the Super Power and the Unique are the superior quality bike brands of Chinese origin and are included in the list of the top 10 best-selling Chinese bikes in the country. But, quite logically, there is staunch rivalry between the two. Let’s compare and contrast the features and specs of Leo with that of UD, a fantastically graceful bike with misguiding appearance.

As far as appearance is concerned, you may guess that both the mid-range heavy bikes would be carrying the same specs standards for functioning efficiency but actually the case is quite different. In fact, Unique UD 100cc two-wheeler is only half as powerful as the latest model of Super Power Leo. In other words, the UD features a 100cc sturdy and tech-rich machine. On the other hand, the displacement of Leo’s engine reads 200cc. Don’t you come across a big difference?

On the second place and quickly logically, the Leo brings the cutting-edge 5-speed transmission system against the traditional 4-speed gearbox found in Unique UD 100. In this case, you will be more inclined towards Leo.

As far as the price factor is concerned, you will once again come across a great and significant difference. As you may already know, the Unique UD 100 price in Pakistan is just around eighty-five thousand rupees. On the other hand, the Super Power Leo 2018 price in Pakistan is more than two times as much as that of the Unique UD. Well, it is around two lac rupees.

Giving the final verdict, if you have enough money, the Leo is a better choice for a more energetic and thrilling experience of driving in all sorts of road and environmental conditions. however, in case of the issue of affordability, you would definitely go for the UD. But don’t lose heart – here too you will get nearly the same driving pleasure. Here it is also noteworthy that, in this way, you can save a significant amount in terms of fuel expenditure.




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