Super Power Cheetah 110 Price in Pakistan New Model 2018

Super Power Cheetah 110 Price in Pakistan

Super Power Cheetah 110 Price in Pakistan New Model 2017

In Staunch Rivalry with GD 110:

Exhibiting pure style and running like cheetah, the all new Super Power Cheetah 110 2018 model comes as a cost-effective alternative to the already popular GD 110. The GD 110 is a reasonably powerful and style-rich bike from the house of Suzuki, one of the leading Japanese bike manufacturers in the country.

If you compare the Super Power Cheetah 110 price in Pakistan with that of GD 110, you will come across the difference of over 40,000 rupees – a big one indeed! It means, if you change your decision in favor of Super Power’s Cheetah, you can not only get an equally powerful, sporty and ergonomically perfect motorcycle but also save a big amount – enough to buy another 70cc Chinese bike! Don’t believe? Try it.
Given these convincing facts, the new Cheetah 110 is set to challenge the dominance of not only GD 110 but also other Japanese motorbike brands, including Honda and Yamaha. And it already doing so – distracting buyers from its rivals. Owing to its modern specs standards, the bike has been able to attract the attention of public at large.

Super Power Cheetah Pictures

At the same time, the potential buyers should also note that the new Super Power Cheetah 110 model 2018 cannot be considered the exact replacement of Suzuki’s GD 110 in terms of durability, fuel efficiency and the comfort of driving.




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