Super Power ARCHI Price 150cc Bike Review and Specification

Super Power ARCHI Price 150cc Bike

Super Power ARCHI Price 150cc Bike Review and Specification

A Heavy Bike to Give 45km/l Mileage:

As you go on adding to the engine displacement, there is a gradual increase in fuel consumption, isn’t it? In other words, a more powerful bike is expected to give less mileage. Super Power Archi 150cc 2018 does not defy that principle but, at least, goes against it and, somehow, defeats it.

You can and must expect a great mileage from an ordinary 70cc bike, like Honda CD 70 2018, but a more powerful 100cc bike will surely ask for a compromise in this regard. And when it comes to an even more powerful motorcycle, like the all new Super Power Archi 150cc, you must make up your mind for high fuel consumption. But Archi’s advanced machine offers miraculously low fuel consumption – a wonderful mileage. Yes, with the consumption of a single liter of fuel, it can cover the distance of up to 45 kilometers! Sounds unbelievable?

A Low-end Heavy Bike from Inside Out:

The younger sibling of the all-impressive Super Power Leo 200ccc, the new Archi 150cc bike falls in the low-end heavy bike category. But, even then, it does not ask for any compromise in terms of the standard heavy bike features. The all-new Archi, from the house of Super Power, has an impressively bold and muscular appearance, the characteristic of a heavy bike. It sounds like a heavy bike from every curve and curvature. Looking into inside of the bike, you will find an energetic machine to ensure a sporty drive.

5-Speed Gearbox:

Though it is not something unexpected from the bike of the stature of Super Power Archi 150cc, but the provision of a 5-speed gearbox is something really great for the sake of stability and comfort of driving. The 5-speed transmission system of the new Archi gives you more options to apply a suitable gear according to the road situation and speed of the bike. Another advantage of this technology is that you it will increase the mileage. Thirdly, as you will have a suitable gear for every situation, the machine will not be over-tasked and get a longer life.

Advanced Self-Starter System:

Fed up of the laborious kick-starting mechanism? When it goes wrong, starting the bike becomes a hectic job or rather a herculean task. The all-new Archi comes to your rescue at the right time. Against the reasonable Super Power Archi 150cc price in Pakistan, the bike also offers the advanced self-starter system which eliminates all the hassle of striking your foot hard against the kick lever again and again. Now you can put your heavy bike running on the road with just the ‘push’ of a button.

Super Power Archi 150cc Price in Pakistan – Analysis:

As you can see it yourself, the Super Power Archi 150cc price in Pakistan does not correspond to its superior specs standards. You must already know that getting a heavy bike from an elite brand is simply beyond the reach of low-income buyers. Though Super Power is not a “Hi-Fi” brand, but the Archi’s features are not inferior. The Super Archi 150cc 2018 price in Pakistan is just around one lac and thirty-seven thousand rupees – a great package.

Efficient Braking Technology:

When you have a more powerful, faster running two-wheeler, the braking system should be as much efficient. Stopping an energetic machine requires a better sophisticated braking mechanism. The hydraulic brakes, installed in the Archi, are superior to the disc brakes that are usually found in a two-wheeler. So, this low-end heavy bike makes better arrangements for the safety of the rider against the same reasonable Super Power Archi 150cc 2018 price in Pakistan.




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