Super Power 70cc Price in Pakistan With New Euro 2 Feature

Super Power 70cc Price in Pakistan

Super Power 70cc Price in Pakistan With New Euro 2 Feature

Great Technology against Really Great Price:

A 70cc bike is a handy and affordable two-wheeler travelling companion for all and sundry. And when it comes to Super Power, you get even more affordability. The Super Power 70cc price in Pakistan is nearly half of the Honda CD 70 2018 price in Pakistan. Well, it is just around forty thousand rupees. Yet the really amazing thing about the bike is that you are not asked for any compromise in terms of the overall specification standards.

Just like an elite brand of Japanese motorcycles, it carries the latest Euro II technology to give you a highly fuel-efficient and environment friendly drive. Though the mileage of the new Super Power 70cc 2018 cannot be compared with Honda’s 70cc bike, the best seller two-wheeler in the country, it is still great and worthy of praise. When you get great mileage, it obviously means the bike will cover more distance with less fuel consumption. On the other hand, a fuel-efficient motorcycle will emit low amount of harmful exhaust into the environment.

Strong, Durable Body:

The road conditions in the country require sufficient strength and durability from your two-wheeler on the first place. The demand for durability becomes even more important when you intend to use your motorbike for off-road drives especially in villages. If that be the case, you must go for some high-end brand like Super Power. Embodying a superior technology, the Super Power’s machine and parts are fitted on a strong and durable frame. So, feel confident and relaxed while taking it anywhere and everywhere. It will always be with you like a faithful travelling companion.

Stable and Comfortable Drive:

Against the incredibly low Super Power 70cc price in Pakistan 2018, it promises a stable and comfortable drive. It is not like the ordinary Chinese bikes which start vibrating as the speed goes a bit higher than fifty kilometers per hour. The body of Super Power 70cc 2018 does not vibrate even as the speed crosses the mark of seventy thousand kilometers per hour. On the other hand, the design of the seat and its placement also ensures maximum comfort for the rider. It obviously means you can use the bike for long inter-city travels without the fear of getting tired after a short journey. It takes full care of your comfort.

It’s More Powerful than Honda’s CD 70

Did you ever notice that the engine displacement of most of the Chinese bike brands is greater than that of the Honda CD 70? In comparison with 70cc engine capacity of the CD 70, the Super Power 70cc carries a bigger 78cc engine – a more powerful machine for a more forceful and energetic drive! At the same time, you must be prepared for higher fuel consumption. Obviously, a bigger machine will require more fuel to travel the same distance and you’ll get less mileage. However, this is not a significant disadvantage of the Super Power 70cc 2018.




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