Latest 2017 Model Benelli TNT 600 Price in Pakistan

Benelli TNT 600 Price in Pakistan

Latest 2017 Model Benelli TNT 600 Price in Pakistan

Benelli TNT 600 price in Pakistan has not yet been disclosed. It will be unveiled at the time of its launch which is expected soon. Speaking to the launch ceremony of Benelli TNT 25 on June 10, 2016, the Director Global Marketing Benelli, Bustos Dante Ricardo, also announced the expected launch of Benelli TNT 600 in the near future, hopefully in the year 2017.

Initially the Benelli TNT 25 price in Pakistan was fixed at Rs. 4,55,000 but after around eight months it was increased by Rs. 20,000. Meanwhile, a special discount package was announced in the month of Ramzan.

TNT 600 – More Than Twice as Powerful as TNT 25:

As compared with TNT 25 the beginner level Benelli heavy bike, the superbike TNT 600 is more than twice as powerful. You can have an idea about a wide power gap between the Benelli siblings from the fact that the 25 model carries a 249.2cc engine while the superior 600 is packed with a giant 600cc machine.

The rated output of the 25 is 18 kW @ 9,000 revolutions per minute, while that of the TNT 600 I is whopping 60 kW @ 11,500 revolutions per minute. However, both the models feature the advanced technologies of a 6-speed gearbox, electronic fuel injection, chain drive and a convenient chain drive mechanism.

Fast, Yet Smooth & Flexible:

Designed to satisfy the desires of most demanding riders, the TNT 600 runs amazingly fast reaching the top speed of 230 kilometers per hour. In fact, the 600cc machine with 4-stroke Pesaro technology churns out the force of over 83 horsepower. In their feedback and Benelli TNT 600 review, the test riders across the world confirmed 600i is a true performer for track rides and on twisty roads. At the same time, it is refined enough for a comfortable city commute.

The great power generation of 600 I doesn’t mean that it will run like an untamed, uncontrolled beast. The 4-stroke liquid cooled engine with double overhead camshafts has been completely reined to give a smooth and flexible driving experience.

Reliability in All Situations:

It won’t be an exaggeration to think of Benelli TNT 600 in Pakistan as a true, faithful travelling companion under all circumstances and in all road situations. It doesn’t need to be slow to be reliable. Superb reliability can be enjoyed literally at all the speeds, even at 230 km/h. The strong and light aluminum structure at the rear suspension link and the upfront steel trestle serve as the token of reliability of the bike.

The Naked Tamed Road Beast:

The naked framework of the bike exudes mesmerizing charm, a big relishing feast for the eyes of the onlookers! The bold look is meant to boost the confidence and style of the riders. Actually, the bike is naked and muscular at the same time. Just have a look at the bike parts in the vicinity of the engine and you will be convinced of its confidence-inspiring stature.

A small seat for the driver is thrusted between the muscular fuel tank and the raised back part. A small, slim silencer is attached beneath the raised seat for the pillion rider. The mud guard of the front wheel is almost as close to the tire as skin. And the rear wheel is completely naked. A pseudo mud guard, attached to the seat, is significantly raised above the wheel.

This is what renders the bike its peculiar name, “naked”. The bike sounds slim and smart from all aspects except a big fuel tank placed right above a healthy engine infrastructure.

Here it is worth mentioning that the “nakedness” of the bike does not at all mean that it makes the rider unsafe. There are all the sophisticated measures to provide the rider with maximum safety even in the most dangerous and congested road conditions.

As the Benelli TNT 600 review by real life users testifies, this sports standard bike is a naked but fully tamed road beast that can never go out of your control.

Benelli Bikes Price in Pakistan:

Benelli bikes price in Pakistan is very competitive and especially attractive to the potential buyers. As you might have noticed, there is the difference of more than 2 lac rupees between the Suzuki Inazuma price in Pakistan and Benelli TNT 25 price in Pakistan. In other words, you can buy an equally powerful Benelli bike with advanced tech specs and also save over 2 lac rupees!

After it is unveiled, the Benelli TNT 600 price in Pakistan would be amazingly economical. In comparison with competitors, it will offer an excellent alternative in terms of both price and specifications.

In short beside doing other favorable things, these Italian two-wheelers are going to bring the bike prices in Pakistan significantly down, making a two-wheeler more affordable even for the low income buyers.

What Renders 600 I Sportiness:

This Benelli bike Pakistan can be considered a true sports bike not only in terms of appearance but also from the practical point of view. The features rendering TNT 600 sportiness include Sportec M5 radial tires, lightweight and rigid frame, 600cc engine with dual camshafts and efficient suspension technologies.

Amazing Road Grip: A sports bike is to run at very high speed and take sharp turns on curvy roads. Under such circumstance, a loose road grip can cause fatal accidents. The radial tires, based on the high quality Metzeler Sportec M5 standards, offers an amazing degree of road grip. And a strong grip is the perfect thing for the back-road treks.

Rigid, Lightweight Frame: Featuring a trellis design, the frame of TNT 600 I is a combination of steel tubes and a beautifully sculptured alloy casting. Meanwhile, used as a stressed member, the engine makes the frame sufficiently rigid and lightweight. It will ensure precise handling with extra control while executing an energetically sporty drive.

Smooth & Impressive Power Generation: The real greatness of a sports bike comes from its smooth and balanced power generation. The 600cc liquid cooled engine with dual camshafts and 4-valve cylinders delivers smooth and impressive power for optimum efficiency on mountain roads and the rough terrains. At the same time, the 6-speed gearbox provides gear for every situation.




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