Honda CG 125 Price – Honda CG125 2018 Model Price, Review, Specs

Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan

Honda CG 125 Price – Honda CG125 2018 Model Price, Review, Specs

It’s Furiously Fast But Under Complete Control:

When you talk of speed among 125cc bikes, Honda’s CG 125 contests for the top position and it succeeds to a great extent. While a 70cc bike can practically give you the top speed of around 90 kilometers per hour, the bikes in the 100cc or 125cc category rarely go beyond 110 km/h when it comes to practice. Many manufacturers claim to offer higher speeds and the bike may actually run faster, but it is the user’s control on the bike at high speeds that is more important.

Against the same Honda CG 125 price in Pakistan 2018, the new model offers the top speed of 135 km/h and you may enjoy it practically. Even at the highest possible speed, the motorcycle remains under your complete control and you can safely bring it to a stop in case of emergency. And there are no body vibrations, the nuisance attached to the Chinese bike brands.

Least Expensive and Fuel Efficient:

Do you know despite giving you the best possible performance and dynamics, the Honda CG 125 2018 price in Pakistan is lowest among all the Japanese motorbike brands? It is just around 105,000 rupees. Just compare this price tag with that of other Japanese brands like Suzuki and Yamaha, and you will realize the difference, a big one!

The fuel efficiency of the new Honda CG 125 2018 is also wonderful. While promising the pleasure of power and driving comfort, it can cover the distance of up to 45 kilometers with the consumption of one liter of fuel. Don’t you find it a really attractive fuel economy?

So, you get all this and much more against very reasonable and affordable Honda CG 125 2018 price in Pakistan. Available in the color variants of red and black, the latest model comes with a great and attractive design with comfortable seat. The speedometer has also been restyled and a catchy Honda Logo fixed on it.

High Resale Value:

Do you know why Honda is the most loved brand of two-wheelers in the country? One of the most important factors, in this regard, is that of the high resale value. There is no denying the fact that even the used Honda bikes sell like hot cakes with minimum possible cut in price as compared with the Chinese competitors or even the competing Japanese brands. And the same is the case with the new Honda CG 125 2018 – it has a high resale value.




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