Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan – CD70 New Model Specs & Review

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan – CD70 New Model Specs & Review

The Best-Selling Two-Wheeler in Pakistan:

Honda’s CD 70 enjoys the distinction of being the bestselling two-wheeler in the country. At the time of the influx of dozens of Chinese motorcycle brands into the national market, in the recent past, the appeal and sales volume of the CD seemed to be in great danger. Then did it really happen? No, the perception proved to be totally wrong. On the contrary, instead of decreasing, the demand of CD increased. And it’s quite puzzling.

The China bikes in Pakistan are being offered against amazing price economy which no one would have thought of before their emergence in the motorcycle market. There are certain brands in the market which are so economical that you can get a China bike against just half of the Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan.

Even then Honda’s smart and handy 70 remains the best seller. There are certain potential factors which keep the appeal of CD always alive, and always fresh. Can you guess just some of them?
What Makes Honda CD 70 the Best Seller?

Sometimes, there also arise rumors that the locally manufactured Japanese CD motorcycle parts do not carry the same standards as those manufactured in Japan based production plants. Even then the Honda CD 70 fans are not going to lose faith in their most loved two-wheeler. Listed below are some of the factors that serve to keep the appeal of CD 70 as fresh as ever. Just go through them and you will come to know about a number of convincing facts about the CD.

Cutting-Edge Specs: The cutting-edge specs standards is the first important factor that does not let the bike lose its practical appeal among the potential buyers. The engineers at the end of Honda utilize the latest tech innovations while manufacturing the parts of the motorcycle.

Superior Performance: Superior performance is an obvious result of the advanced features and functionalities installed in the bike. It is because of the excellent quality of the machine and other parts that the bike does not start vibrating like China bike brands even at the highest possible speed. So, in case of Honda CD 70 new model, the possibility of getting tired after travelling a short distance is ruled out. At the same time, it travels equally well on both the smooth and rough roads.

A Sufficiently Forceful Drive: The 4-stroke, 70cc, air-cooled engine generates enough force to run the bike at the speed of up to 95 kilometers per hour. It means it will take just an hour to travel between two cities which are around 95 km apart. And if you fill the fuel tank with 8.5 liters of fuel, it will be enough to take you as far as 800 kilometers. But here it is to be noted that the bike is not meant for such long travels. It performs best and gives you a controlled, handy and smooth drive especially on short city or intercity travels. Anyhow, your main concern should be the precious time that you can save.

Extraordinary Fuel Efficiency: Against the incredibly affordable Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan, the best seller motorcycle in the country gives you extraordinary fuel efficiency. It is fuel efficient to such an extent that you won’t even believe. It has been the only bike in the country for decades which literally gives the mileage of 70 km/l.

But the new Honda CD 70 2018 model, packed with much improved tech specs, offers even greater fuel efficiency of 80 kilometers per liter – it’s simply mind-blowing! Isn’t it? Though seemingly unbelievable, it is practically true. It inevitably means you can travel the distance of up to 80 kilometers with just one liter of petrol.

Highest Possible Resale Value: As the slogan imprinted on the fuel tank reads, i.e. “Cash Deposit”, the new CD, offered against the reasonable Honda CD 70 2018 price in Pakistan, is the “ready” cash. While using it for all sorts of travelling purposes, you can decide to sell it at any time and get a big amount, little less than the price of the new bike.

On the other hand, no bike brand in the country, either Chinese or Japanese, has ever been able to compete with the CD for resale value. So, among other things, the high resale value of the motorcycle also adds to confidence of the potential buyers to simply go for it.

Sporty Appearance: Aware of the tough competition posed by the influx of a large number of Chinese bike brands, the Honda bike manufacturers decided to improve mileage as well as the design. Therefore, the latest 2018 model appears to be sufficiently sporty. It would be very appealing to the sports biking enthusiasts who are unable to afford overly costly heavy bikes. Obviously, it adds to the clientele pool and increases the sales volume of the bike.

Easy Control: The 70cc China bike, like the one from Super Power, ZXMCO, Unique and United, are a bit more powerful than the CD 70. On the other hand, their control is not that much efficient. Consequently, they are not fit for the aged people. Under such disappointing circumstances, the new Honda CD 70 2018 comes as a ray of hope for the old people. They will find it exclusively handy to drive in any road and environmental situations.
Summing up, against attractive Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan, the bike brings some cutting-edge specs standards that are very special and exclusive to this Japanese brand. That is why, despite tough competition posed by several dozen Chinese bike brands, the sales of the CD are continuously on the rise with every passing year. Answering to the increased demand from the buyers, the company had to expand the manufacturing facilities.




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