Honda CD 70 2018 Price in Pakistan – CD70 New Model Specs & Review

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 2018 Price in Pakistan – CD70 New Model Specs & Review

CD 70 – the Most Loved Two-Wheeler!

There is no denying the fact that Honda’s CD 70 bike stands the most loved two-wheeler among all the age groups. At the same time, it is also best seller motorcycle in the country. But why do people love and adore it that much? Obviously, Honda CD 70 is not only durable, stylish and comfortable but also incredibly fuel economical. It is a widely accepted opinion that no other bike in the country, be it Chinese or Japanese, can give the mileage of CD 70.

When it comes to bike prices in Pakistan, the Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan seems to be most economical especially when compared against the superior performance and the high-end tech standards.

Honda CD 70 2018 Model – What’s New?

The latest Honda CD 70 2018 version comes with some additional tweaks which are really marvelous. As you know, despite the entry or rather flooding of economical Chinese brands, CD’s appeal is always fresh and evergreen. Now with the superb improvement both in the design and performance will further contribute to the practical worth of the bike.

Honda CD70 2018 New Model

Let’s have a look at some of the tech and design improvements of the Honda CD 70 new model for the year 2018:

i. ‘Better Than the Best’ Fuel Economy – 80 Km/l! Honda’s 70cc motorcycle is already known to give the outstanding mileage of 70 kilometers per liter – better than that of any other Chinese or Japanese bike brand in the country. Now the latest significantly upgraded 2018 model gives you the unbelievable mileage of 80 kilometers per liter.

It means, you will be able to travel 10 kilometers extra with the consumption of a single liter of petrol – and it makes a really big difference! Don’t you agree? But it’s quite logical. And, with 7 liters of gasoline, you would cover the distance of 70 kilometers extra, totally free!
However, for this you need to fulfil certain conditions. Firstly, only the new Honda CD 70 2018 has been optimized to give the mileage of 80 km/l. On the second place, there should be only one rider weighing less than 70 kg. Finally, use a clean filter and run the bike on a straight and smooth road.

ii. Charismatic Design: Ranging from the seat to the exhaust bike, the manufacturers have refined the styling and design of many different parts. After restyling, the seat not only looks more beautiful but also becomes increasingly convenient and comfortable to sit on. It will sever as a great advantage for the bikers who have to travel long distances on daily basis – they will feel less tired.

The manufacturers have also improved the graphics quality. The stickers on the fuel tank and side covers are also more beautified as compared with its predecessors. Meanwhile, the overall restyling of the bike also serves to improve the aerodynamics of the new CD 70 2018 to a significant extent.

In short, against reasonable Honda CD 70 2018 price in Pakistan, the new model is an ideal combination of highly attractive design and super economical power generation.

iii. Powerful Smoke-Free Engine: As a result of the international awareness campaigns about the global warming, now everyone is conscious of the deterioration of the natural environment and wants to contribute their part to keep it safe and healthy. So, among other advanced features, the buyers ask for an environment friendly engine.

The 4-stroke engine of the motorbike is capable of producing a forceful thrust for an energetic drive. At the same time, it also happens to be smoke free, releasing minimum harmful exhaust into the environment. And this must be one of the most attractive features in the latest model.

iv. Comfortable Seat: Among the negative aspects of CD 70, people mostly complain about its tiresome seat. That is why, most of the users do not consider the bike fit for long journeys. And they find a better alternative in other Japanese brands, especially Suzuki Sprinter ECO. This time, the company has made a successful attempt to redress the grievance of the users. The engineers, at the end of Honda, have reshaped the seat of the bike to make it more comfortable. As a result, now you can take the bike confidently on long journeys as well.

Honda CD70 2018 New Model Picture

v. Improved Aerodynamics: Driving a two-wheeler in a windy or stormy weather conditions is a big challenge for the riders. The drive becomes even more difficult especially when the flow of the wind is in the opposite (front) direction. The improved aerodynamic shape of the new 70 model serves to make the drive stable even in the unfavorable road and environmental conditions. Your aerodynamically styled bike will simply pierce through the wind with greater smoothness and stability.

vi. Sporty Appearance: Another good news for those waiting for the launch of the Honda CD 70 new model – it looks sportier than its predecessors. It will cater to the taste of sports bikes fans who cannot afford the unaffordable sports bikes. Both the design and performance of the bike give a sporty feel. The sporty look is also contributed by the tail up sporty design of the exhaust pipe.

vii. Durable Rear Wheel: The thicker and stronger spokes make the rear wheel more durable. In the previous models, the users complained about weak rear wheel which could easily get twisted after passing speedily over holes and bumps. Now as the rear wheel has been made stronger, you need not worry about facing such troubles and keep on driving confidently on all types of road conditions.

viii. Stronger Sider Covers: You often have to remove and reinstall the side covers and they get broken in this practice. Moreover, these battery covers yield even to a mild shock. In the new model, however, the side covers are sufficiently strong to withstand more forceful shocks.

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan

Honda’s CD versus Prince’s Passion:

The latest Honda CD 70 2018 model comes with certain cutting-edge improvements. Among the tech enhancements, the mileage seems to be particularly notable. The mileage of 70 kilometers per liter was already high and unrivalled. Quite incredibly, the latest model, against the same Honda CD 70 2018 price in Pakistan, boasts to add another 10 kilometers, thus making it the whopping 80 kilometers per liter!
So, while making comparison of the Road Prince’s Passion 70 bike with Honda CD 70, you will have to ignore the aspect of mileage. Obviously, it is because the Passion is unable to compete for that.
Let’s take a critical look at other aspects of the bikes. Starting from the outward appearance, both the bikes bear sharp similarities. Almost everything, including the handle, fuel tank, seat, engine dimensions and the wheel seems to be quite similar. Even the shape of the silencer, appearance & design of the mudguards, side covers, front and tail lights and indicators do not show any marked differences. In fact, it will be quite difficult for you to differentiate between the two in case logo and graphics are removed from both the motorcycles.
Turning the analytical eye into the machine, again you come across the equality. Each of the motorcycles has a 70cc machine based on the single-cylinder, four-stroke technology and the 4-speed constant mesh transmission system. For starting, the only available option is that of the kick-starter system.
So, which one happens to be a better choice? Then listen, when it comes to choice and preference, the user’s circumstances and suitability are to be taken into account. If you are economically sound and also want high resale value along with durability, a bit expensive CD 70 should be the best option. On the other hand, in case of the issue of affordability, the Road Prince Passion 70 seems to be more attractive as the Road Prince Passion 70 price in Pakistan is around 30% less than that of the CD. But you will have to make compromise for the mileage as well as resale value. As for as driving pleasure is concerned, passion and comfort reign supreme on both the sides.

New Honda CD 70 2018 Price in Pakistan:

Just to be fair, what do you expect the Honda CD 70 2018 price in Pakistan for the latest, all-new model? If you take into account the excellent tech specs standards, especially the charismatic design and outstanding performance with whopping 80 km/l mileage, the price of the bike should be near about l lac rupees. But that’s not the case at all. So incredibly, the manufacturers have successfully maintained the Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan just at around Rs. 63, 500! Isn’t it a big deal, a great one?

Final Verdict:

In the latest 2018 model, you get the perfect blend of most advanced Japanese technology and a truly charismatic design. On the other hand, though the bike is already superior in terms of durability and fuel efficiency, the manufacturers have further improved it, rendering it “better than the best” for fuel economy. A sporty look, sporty looks, powerful engine and the mileage of 80 km/l is something rare to be found in a bike. But the CD 70 makes it possible and with taste. That is why, already the best seller, new model will attract even more attention of the public and significantly add to the sales volume.




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