Honda CB150F – Honda CB150F Price in Pakistan

Honda CB150R Price in Pakistan

Honda CB150F – Honda CB150F Price in Pakistan

Shifting Trends in Favor of Heavy Bikes:

People are no more that much fond of the 70cc category bikes as they used to be in the past. A great variety of 100+ category bikes are thriving in India and the same trend is making its way to Pakistan. Though bike prices in Pakistan are gradually on the rise, the users are changing their minds in favor of heavy bikes with the engine displacement more than 100cc.

However, this shifting of the trend is slow as Honda CD 70 bike is still the bestseller among all the 70cc motorcycles. Satisfied with its sales, the Japanese manufacturer is not paying that much attention to revamp this model. People like it particularly because of its cool, controlled and economical ride.

Honda CB150F Price in Pakistan 2018

On the other hand, Honda is serious about upscaling its heavy bikes, like the CB150F. For an affordable Honda CB150F price in Pakistan, an upscale model has recently been launched with the improvement in design and performance the sports enthusiast will love to see in their favorite two-wheeler from the celebrated Japanese brand.

The Upscale CB150F 2017 Launched:

Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) has recently invested around $160 on new launches of high engine displacement bikes and the projects for capacity enhancement. Now, after the expansion, the company can produce 1.35 million unites per annum. Meanwhile, the company has also set the target to achieve the record high sales volume of over 1 million.

With around Rs. 1,59,000 Honda CB150F price in Pakistan, the upscale models come incorporated with the latest technology contributing to its power, balance, control, safety and appearance. It is to serve the needs and aspirations of the higher end segment.

Honda CB150F Engine Picture

The new upscale CB150F has the magnetic ignition protection system as an advanced safety feature. This technology ensures that the bike can be operated using only the original key. So, it would be difficult for the robbers and thieves to deprive you of your precious travelling companion.

Other improvements include protective chain guide system, strong tail protection and the amazing car-type speedometer visibility. Driving at fast speeds, the riders want to maintain a constant view of the speedometer. Its car-type visibility would definitely appeal the users.

Main Tech Specs:

If you can afford the Honda CB150F price in Pakistan, the bike is worth every penny you spend for it. But before doing so, you would definitely like to have a look at some of the major tech specs of the two-wheeler. Here is the Honda CB150F review with regards to the technical specifications.

i. 150cc SOHC Machine with 5-Speed Transmission: Powered by SOHC technology, the 150cc engine is significantly powerful as compared with the models with lower displacements, like Honda CG 125. The 5-speed transmission system, on the other hand, will add to the comfort and stability of the ride. Obviously, it is because you will have a suitable gear for every favorable and unfavorable situation.

ii. LED Fog Lights: Dark and foggy environments, and the poor road conditions require your bike to have a sharp, long range headlight. It’s indispensable for your utmost safety. And the high-quality LED fog lights would serve the purpose. There is also an emergency flasher which you can use to overtake as well as warn the miscreants on the road.

iii. Stylish, Sporty Looks: For sport bike enthusiasts, the appearance is as important as the power of their sports bike. They will find the affordable Honda CB150F in Pakistan a good and attractive deal. The sporty fuel tank and stylish body graphics render the bike a considerable sporty feel.

iv. Neodymium Magnetic Key: Who doesn’t want to protect the precious possession from an evil eye? The Honda CB150F in Pakistan has some superior safety features, such as the neodymium magnetic key with shutter lock system. It will foil the evil tactics of unauthorized persons to operate the bike.

Honda CB150F Pictures

v. Efficient Self-Start System: One of the major reasons why people are shifting to bikes with larger engine displacements is they want to enjoy a self-starter system which such motorcycles offer. For Honda CB150F price in Pakistan, the bike also brings a high-performance self-starter system. Now the stubborn kick start mechanism can no more make your experience hectic and unpleasant.

vi. Feature-rich Dashboard: The featureful dashboard of your bike brings all the advanced performance indicating tools and drive parameters including the trip meter, gear indicator, fuel gauge and speedometer. There is something special about the speedometer – it gives car-type visibility.

vii. Excellent Control: A heavy sports bike like that of Honda CB150F requires equally powerful features to bring the fast running bike under complete control of the driver. Here you get all according to your very expectations. Among other accomplishments, there is powerful front disk brake to reduce the speed and stop the bike as and when you need.




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