DYL YD-125 Sports Bike Price in Pakistan, Review and Specs

DYL YD-125 Sports Bike Price in Pakistan

DYL YD-125 Sports Bike Price in Pakistan, Review and Specs

Very True to Its Cause:

It is a great thing about any bike when it is true to its cause, isn’t it? Well, what do you expect from a sports bike? Is it sporty appearance and powerful performance? The YD-125 brings both these features in the true sense of the term all for an incredible affordable Yamaha DYL YD 125 price in Pakistan. It has a strong and sturdy 125cc engine that is based on the latest fuel efficient and environment friendly Euro II technology. The 4-stroke, air-cooled engine generates force enough to take you off-road as comfortably as on the roads.

The curves and curvatures are so decent that you get mesmerized with the very first look. The fuel tank not only accommodates 12.5 liters of fuel but also adds to the beauty of this sporty two-wheeler to a great extent. Carrying an attractive “DYL” logo (appearing like the eye of a fish), it starts like the head of a fish with a wavering body that gradually tapers towards the poster end. As the fuel tank ends, the side covers make a continuous connection to complete the fish-like wavy body. It continues even after the side covers as the elongated cover back light reaches from behind.

It’s Just Like You are Swimming:

The beautiful fish-like appearance of the bike renders the amazing feelings of swimming while you are actually driving the bike on the road. The slim, stylish and wavy, fish-like body of the new DYL YD125 is so unique and unprecedented. As an obvious result of this wonderful innovation in design, the rider will get an all-new and redefined experience of travelling on a sporty bike.

5-Speed Constant Mesh Transmission:

With DYL YD 125 sports bike, the changing of gears becomes as smooth as just unnoticeable, an ultimate fluid-like gear-shifting indeed. Yes, the 5-speed constant mesh transmission system of DYL YD 125 is that much improved and advanced. And, as you know, such a modern transmission system is the characteristic of a heavy bike. It means, against the reasonable DYL YD 125 price in Pakistan, this smart sports bike also renders the taste of a heavy bike.




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