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Yamaha bike in Pakistan has been revving up the hearts of enthusiasts who want to enjoy biking and fulfill their daily travelling needs. Yamaha Pakistan bikes are known for their durability, comfortable riding, control and fuel efficiency. Their competitive Yamaha bikes prices in Pakistan, much less than that of other Japanese brands, make them an even better deal. DYL Motorcycles Ltd. and Yamaha Motor Pakistan (Pvt) LTD are two Pakistan based subsidiaries of Yamaha Motors Company Limited that have been manufacturing and assembling Yamaha bikes in the country for decades. Both the subsidiaries of the original Japanese manufacturer are offering a variety of motorcycle models in a wide range of engine displacements.

Yamaha DYL Motorcycles:

Originally founded as Dawood Yamaha Limited, DYL Motorcycles emerged in 1976 as a joint venture between Yamaha Motor Company Japan and Dawood Group of Companies. In 2008, the company’s name Dawood Yamaha Limited was changed to DYL Motorcycles. In the same year, the company launched one of the most celebrated bikes, Dhoom YD 70, against amazingly affordable Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 price in Pakistan. The company has extensive and world-class manufacturing, assembling and marketing facilities in the country. The state-of-the-art assembling plant is situated Uthal Industrial Area, Balochistan. Superior quality, countrywide dealers network and excellent after sales services have made DYL Motorcycles one of the front runner brands in Pakistan motorcycle industry. Here are some of the popular DYL Yamaha motorbikes Pakistan: YD 70 Dhoom: Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 is a 70cc lightweight bike with a 4-stroke engine to give you high speed, reliability and acceleration. Packed with a fuel efficient engine, it offers extraordinary mileage a 70cc bike can give. You will find it a perfect companion for both city roads and the countryside riding. The fuel tank can accommodate 9.5 liters of fuel with the fuel reserve capacity of 1.5 so you can travel 100 kilometers or even more before having to refill it. Yamaha Mini 100: For incredibly low Yamaha Mini 100 price in Pakistan, the bike has attracted the attention of potential buyers from all around the country. This 100cc bike is offered against the Rs. 64,000 package! Fitted on a light frame, the smart machine is not small in terms of power generation. It fact, it gives greater power to weight ratio. The 4-stroke, air-cooled engine, powered by SOHC technology, is sure to provide a stable and energetic riding experience. Yamaha Junoon: A stunning beauty, Yamaha Junoon is a 4-stroke bike especially designed for those who have “Junoon” for biking. It gives maximum comfort even at very high speed. In comparison with Mini-100, it is fitted with a large fuel tank to accommodate 11 liters of fuel. The advance air-cooling mechanism won’t let it get overheated in the scorching heat of summer. Now look at the Yamaha bike price in Pakistan for this model. It is just around Rs. 78,600 – really affordable! Yamaha Sports Bike: DYL Motorcycles didn’t ignore the needs of low-income buyers who have love for sports biking. Here is a powerful Yamaha sports bike in Pakistan to build a sports champion in you. With the 125cc Euro II OHC engine technology and an innovative down-force design, it will put you ahead in race. Even the body of the motorcycle is so bold and muscular.

Yamaha Motor Pakistan Bikes:

Abbreviated as YMPK, the Yamaha Motors Pakistan is a 100% subsidiary of the Japanese Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. At the same time, YMPK claims to be the sole manufacturer and distributer of the Yamaha Bikes brand in Pakistan. While DYL Motorcycles was established as early as 1976, the YMPK came into existence even less than a decade ago, in 2013. The launch ceremony of YMPK’s manufacturing factory was held in April, 2015. The company’s objectives include achieving customer satisfaction by providing advance products with superior quality, performance and design. It also aims to make the motorbike technology more and more environment friendly and also bring down the bike prices in Pakistan. The company also has a strong sales network with over 140 dealerships across the country. YMPK has launched three 125cc bikes in the country, each with advanced 5-speed transmission system and a sporty design. They are: YB125Z, YBR125 and YBR125G. Let’s have a brief overview of each. Yamaha YB125Z: The advanced technology, comfort and convenience are the defining features of the YB125Z. The perfect balance of strength and rigidity renders maximum level of comfort on all sorts of road conditions. To add to the flexibility of the drive, the bike features the advanced 5-speed transmission system. Meanwhile, the Yamaha YB125Z price in Pakistan is less than the other two bikes of the YB series. Yamaha YBR125: Available in four brilliant colors of decent grey, shining blue, bold red and confident black, this Yamaha bike in Pakistan is a pure sporty two-wheeler. It power comes from the superior quality OHC 125cc engine which is also environment friendly. The headlight is so bright and far-reaching to give better visibility in the dark environments. The high specs standards justify a bit rise in the Yamaha YBR125 price in Pakistan as compared with its YB125Z sibling. Yamaha YBR125G: It is the most advanced member of the Yamaha sports bikes from the prestigious YB series. Here the sporty design achieves perfection. Like junior members of the series, it also comes fitted with a technically superb OHC 125cc machine. Concerning body color, you can go for either red or black as per your taste and liking. Overall, the specs standards of the bike suggest that it is designed for the passion lovers. From the comparison of Yamaha models from two Pakistan based subsidiaries of Japanese manufacturer, it becomes obvious that YMPK bikes are so much expensive as compared with their DYL counterparts. Though YMPK motorcycles have seemingly superior design and specs standards, so much increase in price may sound unreasonable. The buyers with low income will definitely go for DYL motorcycles. But the 125cc YB series bikes would surely be the best choice for those with reasonable income and a passion for sports biking.