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The Suzuki Way of Life – It’s Powerful & Pleasing:

Though Honda bikes Pakistan are more popular, the Suzuki bikes are in no way inferior to them. In fact, the Suzuki way of life is more powerful and pleasing. The comfort, control and safety features are just above par. The most powerful of the Suzuki bikes Pakistan, Hayabusa, runs amazingly fast, almost equal to the speed of a bullet train! Sounds unbelievable? But that’s the fact. The Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains may attain the maximum speed of 320 km/h. What is the maximum speed of Hayabusa? Would you believe it can run at the speed of nearly 325 km/h? At such an amazing speed, you will definitely feel like flying in the air while enjoying an electrifying ride on the Suzuki heavy bikes.

Your True Touring Companions:

Large engine displacements, ultimate power generation, 5-speed transmission, electric start system and extraordinary durability make Suzuki bikes Pakistan your true touring companion. Special touring models also have greater storage capacity and bigger fuel tanks. So, you can take enough quantity of luggage with you on long travels. A big fuel tank means you can store a huge amount of fuel and eliminate the need for fill-ups after short distances. You won’t have to worry about the availability of filling stations while travelling through deserts and jungles. It will also help you save time. A comfortable ride is another important feature that you want from your touring bike. And Suzuki does care for that right according to your expectations. The design and material of the seat is such that you can enjoy extreme level of comfort a two-wheeler can give. You won’t feel tired even after covering long distances on rough and uneven terrains. On the other hand, most of the China motorcycles are not fit for touring because their body starts vibrating as the speed crosses 70 km/h. But a China motorcycle price in Pakistan is really very affordable.

Affordable Suzuki Bikes Prices in Pakistan:

When multiple Japanese motorbike brands are available and each is known for its quality and advanced specs standards, the potential buyers will definitely go for the one that offer greater economy. So, the Suzuki bikes prices in Pakistan are relatively low. It is in a bid to facilitate low-income buyers and boost the sales of bikes. Just compare bike prices in Pakistan for Suzuki with its arch rivals in the market, like Honda, and you will notice that there is a considerable difference. What will you do when you get the same quality and specs standards against less price? Surely, already passing through economic crisis, you would like to save as much money as you can. Even Suzuki heavy bikes price in Pakistan is usually less than that of the rival brands.

Amazing Fuel Economy of Suzuki Bikes Pakistan:

The fuel economy of Suzuki bikes Pakistan is almost equal to that of their Honda counterparts. In some cases, you will find the Suzuki bikes to be giving the best fuel economy. The fuel efficiency affects the decision making process of all types of buyers. A bike consuming low fuel is a better choice for everyone for two good reasons. Firstly, it helps them save a big amount and make inexpensive journeys. Secondly, low fuel consumption means there will be less exhaust and, consequently, less pollution of the environment. In other words, it will be environment friendly. And the alarming levels of global warming trigger the need for such steps on the part of every individual.

A Wide-Range of Suzuki Heavy Bikes in the Country:

Though less popular for the standard street bikes, Suzuki is known for providing a wide range of heavy bikes in the country. Several Suzuki heavy bikes models are available for the potential buyers to choose from. The celebrated Suzuki Power League was launched in June, 2013. It was for the very first time that an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) introduced brand new heavy bikes that still charm the sports bikes lovers. The League brings one of the fastest bikes in the world, the flagship Suzuki Hayabusa with the engine displacement of 1300 cc. The 800 Suzuki Intruder and 250cc Suzuki Inazuma are the other two members of the Power League. Logically, in exchange for incredible power and extreme style, you must expect a high Suzuki heavy bikes price in Pakistan. But this “high” doesn’t mean that the company is over-pricing its products. In fact, the prices for Suzuki bikes and cars are always reasonable.

Countrywide Dealership Network:

Troubled with huge freight charges, many motorbike buyers may change their mind and go for a competing brand. And Suzuki understands that fact. For the utmost facilitation of the buyers, Suzuki has a countrywide dealership network in Pakistan. People can get a bike of their choice from every major city in the country. The centers for after sales services are available in all the major cities in the country. Here is another issue of spare parts. But that’s not really an issue because the spare parts are easily available everywhere. Getting genuine spare parts is not a problem at all.

Rival Yamaha Bikes Pakistan:

Though Yamaha bikes Pakistan are less popular, they are successfully competing with their Suzuki counterparts especially in terms of price. Just compare 110cc Suzuki GD110S price in Pakistan with 125cc Yamaha YB125Z price in Pakistan. Despite measuring less in engine displacement, the former is costlier than the latter by at least Rs. 15,000? Which brand the low-income buyer will choose? Definitely, when two Japanese bikes brands are there with almost equal specs standards, a low-income buyer will go for the one with less price. But still there is one weak point – Yamaha does not have a variety in its store for the buyers to choose from. Mostly the company offers 125cc motorcycles. What if someone wants to get the one with 70cc? Summing up, Suzuki has earned a name and fame for both cars and motorcycles. The cars, from the house of this manufacturer, are known for their affordability, fuel efficiency and environmental friendly behavior. And the same is the case with Suzuki bikes. Meanwhile, a wide range of standard, touring, sports and heavy bikes offers something special to cater to the taste of all sorts of bike users.