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Honda – The Way of Life:

It won’t be exaggeration to say that Honda bikes are a way of life for most riders. The Honda’s machines are designed to suit your needs, enthusiasm, lifestyle and even budget. Yeah, they not only give the buyers sheer riding enjoyment but also fall light on their pocket. The low maintenance cost and incredible fuel efficiency are a couple of other attractions that make Honda bikes Pakistan long term travelling companions.

Versatility, Durability & Fuel Economy:

It is particularly the versatility, durability and fuel economy of Honda bikes Pakistan that won the trust of all and sundry. Honda has something to cater to the taste of all types of riders. Ranging from a standard street motorcycle to a top speed sports bike, the company has everything in its store. Want to cover long distances on bike without compromising for style and comfort? Touring Honda bikes Pakistan are at your disposal. As you would need it, the design favors large storage capacity. The spacious fuel tank is there to ensure long ranges between fill-ups. The adventure lovers can go for Honda’s dual-sport or dual purpose bike which can run on both paved roads and unpaved terrains. In other words, it will run equally well on the off-road situations. Similarly, Honda heavy bike and touring sport bike serve to the needs of yet another category of bike riders. Honda bike Pakistan is also known for its durability. You can’t question their reliability. Go on covering long distances on rough terrains, and your touring bike won’t leave you in the lurch. The Japanese machines, fitted into these bikes, are the marvel of engineering and technology. Fuel economy is one of the most attractive features of Honda bike in Pakistan. For a low-income buyer, fuel economy does matter more than the bike itself. What will you do of a bike when you can’t afford the fuel expenditure? In the realm of fuel efficiency, Honda bikes in Pakistan leave their rivals far behind.

The Most Popular Honda Bike Pakistan:

Honda bikes belong to the categories of 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc and 500cc. Being affordable and highly user-friendly, Honda CD 70 is the most popular bike in the country from this Japanese manufacturer. The Honda bike price in Pakistan for this model is well within the reach of even a low-income buyer. It is very light and easily controllable. That is why the CD 70 bike has become the favorite and first choice of those learning how to ride a bike as well as the elderly people. The braking system is so efficient that you can easily stop it in case of emergency. While riding the bike, you don’t have to lean forward and exert force as in the case of a sports bike. Sitting in an upright position makes the travel quite comfortable. The design of the seat also contributes to the comfort of the rider. Here is one of the greatest attractions of Honda bikes Pakistan – great fuel economy and high resale value. As the company’s slogan on the fuel tank reads “Cash Deposit”, the owners can cash their bike at any time they like. They can resell it with negligible cut in the original price of a new bike. Aren’t all these features worthy of making CD 70 the most popular of Honda bikes Pakistan?

Honda Bikes Resale Value:

While uncertain if they would use it for long, the buyers often think about the resale value of the motorbike. Before making a decision, they ask themselves “How much amount will it bring home if they have to resell it?” A Honda bike, especially the CD 70 model, is known for incredibly high resale value. Owing to intense competition among multiple players, the bike prices in Pakistan have a little bit decreased. But, you can’t make a comparison between the resale values of Chinese and Honda bikes. It is quite shocking to know that just after leaving the showroom, if you want to resell your China motorcycle, you will be offered two thirds of the original price with the loss of at least 33%. Sometimes, you have to lose as much as 50%! But the case is different with Honda 70. Even after driving for a month or so, you can resell it for an amount almost equal to the price of a new bike. Sometimes, you may be asked to cut a thousand or two. But you have enjoyed a ride for over a month in return for those two thousand rupees. You can’t call it a loss. Can you?

Superior Safety Features:

The safety measures are also above par. Though the cheapest means of travelling, a two-wheeler is also the most dangerous vehicle. The poor road conditions in the country further add to the peril of a journey on a motorbike. So, the motorbike manufacturers need to take special measures in this regard. Honda is already doing so. People like this brand also because of the advanced safety measures. The safeguards, bright and long range headlight, a smooth and stable drive, better control and efficient braking mechanism all contribute to the safety of the rider and the pillion rider.

Heavy Bikes from the House of Honda:

Honda heavy bikes come with the engine displacement of 150cc, 250cc and 500cc. With 150cc, you have Honda CB150F. The seating and body dimensions correspond to the style and standard of a sports bike. Honda CBR 250RR is more energetic as well as stylish than its 150cc sibling. On the other hand, Honda CBR500 is the most powerful heavy bike from Honda. It makes you enjoy top speed, acceleration, thrill and control. Logically, you will have to pay a big amount to bring it home. In general, the Honda heavy bike price in Pakistan is higher than that of Suzuki bikes Pakistan. And these high bike prices in Pakistan for this brand are because of the durability, versatility and superior specs standards.

Why Honda Is Losing Its Clientele?

Though a bitter one, but it is a fact that Honda is losing its clientele in the motorbike industry of Pakistan. But what could be the potential reason behind such a trend? Obviously, it is because now the buyers have cheaper alternatives in the form of Chinese motorbikes. But the latter is unable to compete with the Japanese brand in terms of quality, durability, fuel economy and other major features.