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China Motorcycle Prices

China motorcycle prices offer the most inexpensive and affordable alternative to Japanese and other international brands. But they can’t give desirable fuel economy. They travel the distance of around 40 to 50 kilometers with one liter of petrol. On the other hand, fuel economy of Japanese motorcycles, especially Honda CD 70 is unparalleled. It can literally give you the mileage of 70 km/liter. How many Japanese bikes brands are running their business in Pakistan? They are less than a dozen. Three are well known, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha, with a few less known ones. Turning to Chinese brands, they are more in number than you can imagine. Even you won’t have heard a single time about dozens of Chinese motorcycle assemblers in the country! A few years back, over 100 Chinese bike assemblers were working in Pakistan. But, yielding to tough competition in the industry, around 50 had to close down their business with the remaining 50 struggling for survival.

A Few Chinese Bike Assemblers Enjoying Good Sales:

Do you know out of the around 50 existing Chinese motorcycles assemblers only 10 are enjoying good volumes of production and sales? High quality manufacturing standards and affordable China motorcycle prices are the reasons contributing to the growth of their business. Another good reason for their increasing clientele is a great variety of bikes models with engine displacements ranging from 70cc to 200cc or even more. The remaining 40 assemblers are facing hard times while utilizing different ways and means to attract clients and expand the business. Intense competition and lack of sufficient investment have endangered their very survival. Attracted by the low land prices and better security, some assemblers have moved to Punjab while a few others have expanded their production facilities to the bigger province. Keeping in view the China motorcycle price in Pakistan, the freight charges seem quite high. Shifting their business to Punjab is a good decision because, in this way, the manufacturers will also be able to save transportation charges needed for travelling from Karachi to Punjab. Another big advantage is that the bike sales are brisk here as comparted to Karachi.

Reason Behind China Bikes Low Fuel Economy You Don’t Know:

Did you ever think what could be the real reason for Chinese bikes being less fuel efficient? Everyone blames Chinese bikes for consuming more fuel than those of their Japanese counterparts. But they don’t know the secret behind it. A 70cc Japanese bike like Honda has the engine displacement exactly 70cc, neither more nor less. But, on the other hand, a 70cc China motorcycle is almost always fitted with a bit more powerful 78cc engine. Quite logically, a more powerful engine will need more fuel to run. Aren’t you surprised to learn the secret? So, when Chinese bikes are less fuel efficient, they are considerably more powerful at the same time. They give you a more energetic and powerful drive. This aspect will be attractive to the youth while the older people will feel more comfortable enjoying a smooth and stable ride on Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha.

China Motorcycles Prices – The Most Attractive Factor:

Owning a four-wheeler vehicle is not easy even for the people from middle economic strata of the society. At the same time, the individuals from the lower end of the income range are unable to afford even a two-wheeler. Public transport and a bicycle have been the only options at their end for transportation for decades. The entry of China bikes Pakistan gave a new hope to the people with low income to realize their dream of owning a two-wheeler. When you go for buying a new bike on installments, the dealers usually ask you to pay 50% amount in advance with the remaining to be repaid in monthly installments. Obviously, while doing so, you have to pay a significant amount as interest or mark up. What if you pay that 50% amount and completely own the bike with nothing to owe the dealer? The China motorcycle price in Pakistan has turned such a notion into reality. In most of the cases, the price of China motorcycle with same specification standards, but not the quality of course, is almost as low as just 50% of its Japanese counterpart.

Growing Demand of China Heavy Bikes in Pakistan:

Though extraordinarily powerful bikes are available in the market, a bike with 125cc or higher engine displacement usually falls in the category of heavy bikes. The engine displacements of some heavy bikes brands measure well above whopping 1100cc! They are usually used for sporting and racing purpose. But regarding affordability, they are not a piece of cake for everybody. Only the elite class buyers can afford to enjoy a ride on these amazingly technically advanced two-wheelers. There is a widespread conception that the Japanese bikes manufacturers in Pakistan offer their standard street bikes against an economical price package only to attract clients and earn huge profits from the sale of their heavy bikes. This can be true to some extent because Honda and Suzuki heavy bike price in Pakistan is unreasonably high. On the other hand, China heavy bikes in Pakistan offer incredible economy. In fact, Chinese heavy bike price is just the fraction of that of its Japanese counterpart with almost the same specs standards. Just compare the price of Yamaha YBR 125 price with the united motorcycle price in Pakistan, United US 125, with the same 125cc engine and notice the difference – over Rs. 60,000, a big difference indeed.

Leading Chinese Motorcycles Brands:

Over four dozen Chinese motorbike assemblers are presently working in Pakistan. Only around ten brands are earning good profit from a large clientele and high sales volume. Meanwhile, they are giving a tough time to their Japanese counterparts and the new international players that have only recently entered the Pakistani market. Unique, Ravi, Hero, United Motorcycles and Road Prince bike in Pakistan are some of the leading China motorcycle brands. These companies are offering 70 models against the price range of Rs. 40,000 to 46,000. For example, the unique bike price in Pakistan is just around Rs. 43,000. These China motorcycle prices seem quite reasonable. That is why the low-income buyers are blindly rushing towards them without paying little heed to the fact that their fuel consumption is high. Do you know the United bike price in Pakistan with 70cc engine? It’s amazingly affordable – just around 38,000! Sounds unbelievable? But China bikes always bring you something unbelievably great.

China Bikes Pros and Cons:

Among several available options, a China bike seems most attractive one especially because of its amazing affordability. When bought on monthly installments, they pose negligible financial burden. Thirdly, they are easily available across every corner of the country. The fourth attractive aspect of these two-wheelers is that the spare parts are easily available everywhere. Meanwhile, the maintenance cost is also low. Talking about negative aspects of China bikes, they do not carry the high-quality specs standards comparable with those of Japanese brands. Secondly, their fuel consumption is considerably high. On the third place, you will find that the machine starts vibrating at a speed over 60 km/h. At the same time, their resale value is disappointingly low. In any case, a China bike is the best option for a low-income buyer.