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Benelli Bikes – Legacy in Brief:

One of the oldest Italian bikes manufacturers, Benelli is named after Teresa Benelli, a widow with six sons to feed. She launched the company in 1911 by investing all the capital of her family to build a bright future for her sons. In 1919, the first ever Benelli 2-stroke 75cc engine was born and fitted to a bicycle only to produce unsatisfactory results. Two years later, Velomotore the first real Benelli motorcycle appeared with two-stroke 98cc lightweight engine. It was a touring bike. Velomotore was also accompanied by the 125cc sports version. With the launch of 147cc Benelli bike, the company started winning victories and became renowned throughout Europe. Three years later, a 175cc 4-stroke bike proved itself superior to large-displacement bikes from competing brands. It led to countless victories for Benelli, including the title of Italian Champion in 1927, 1928, 1930 and 1931. Benelli Brothers kept on progressing towards more powerful bikes with larger displacements. After manufacturing multiple models of 175cc, the company launched 250cc and 500cc bikes in 1930s. Then followed the 650cc maxi bike with two cylinders. The decade of 1970s saw another big achievement in the form of the prestigious 6-cylinder 750cc motorcycle. It was the first ever 6-stroke bike from the house of Benelli. During the 1980s, the company had to suffer a big blow from the technically advanced Japanese bikes and it was brought on its knees. However, the glory of Benelli was saved when Mr. Giancarlo Selci, an industrial tycoon bought it in 1989.   That time, the manufacturers targeted scooter market and launched the Devil and Scooty models which became very popular. Then came the flagship Tornado 900cc sports bike to successfully compete in the Superbike Championship. But it was not the end. Benelli TNT emerged with whopping 1130cc engine displacement. In 2005, Benelli became part of the China based Qianjiang (Q.J.) corporation which has a super modern factory large as a city. The sophisticated parts manufacturing is capable of producing 1,200,000 vehicles and 2,000,0000 engines a year. After merger with a Chinese manufacturer, the company is working on multiple projects with bright and promising future prospects. With the launch of different Benelli brands in the country, the heavy bike prices in Pakistan are likely to go down. Benelli Pakistan will offer a tough competition to Suzuki motorcycles, Honda bikes Pakistan and different other players in the motorbike industry.

Benelli in Pakistan:

Benelli has dozens of exquisitely designed and fantastically powerful bikes in its store. They have a huge clientele in more than eighty countries of the world. Six motorcycles, belonging to the categories of Naked and Touring, have been launched in the neighboring county, India. They are also expected to make their way to Pakistani roads in near future.
  • Benelli TNT 25:

    TNT 25, a sporty motorcycle of unrivalled quality, has already been launched in Pakistan by Buraq Automobiles in collaboration with the manufacturer, Benelli Q.J. Its distinctive design and high spirited performance inspires confidence and revs the hearts of riders. Featuring an agile and versatile Italian style, Benelli TNT 25 is a trendsetter bike that looks really outstanding. The Benelli TNT 25 bike price in Pakistan is around 475,000 rupees. The smart, 4-stroke engine featuring 4-valve technology generates sufficient power to motivate the beginners and veterans alike. It has been designed to give you a smooth and stable drive. Even the sound is pleasingly musical. Though smart and lightweight, TNT 25 Benelli Pakistan comes with a steel-tube lattice frame, the characteristic of larger Benelli machines. This adds to the rigidity of the frame for superb handling that also inspires confidence of the rider. As a part of the advanced ergonomics, the seat is roomy and comfortable. So, you can make around-town runs and longer trips in a completely comfortable and relaxed manner. On the other hand, the stylish looks grab the attention of the onlookers at the very first sight. TNT 600 is another Benelli bike Pakistan that is expected to be launched in September 2017. As you can see, with 600cc engine, the TNT 600 is more than twice as powerful as its TNT 25 sibling which carries a smart 249.2cc engine displacement.
  • Benelli TNT 600:

    TNT 600 is amazingly powerful as a sports bike. It is the most advanced 600cc bike from the house of Benelli Q.J. (Benelli Qianjiang) The advanced technologies, like 4-valve cylinder and 6-speed transmission system, contribute to the ride-ability and power optimization of the bike. For example, with 6-speed transmission mechanism, you get a gear for every situation and the 600cc engine generates mind-blowing horsepower. Can you imagine the power of the machine at 11000 RPM (revolutions per minute)? For a safe and stable ride on such an amazingly powerful bike, you will definitely need the tires that offer maximum road grip. And you get that! With Premium Metzeler radial tires, you can confidently go for an aggressive backroad riding and also startle the spectators on the racetrack. However, the Benelli bike price Pakistan for TNT 600 will decide if you can own it or not.

Other Sports & Touring Benelli Bikes:

Benelli bikes store always has something extraordinary to offer the buyers across six continents. Various models are grouped under the sports, touring, naked, city and standard street bikes categories. Let’s have a look at some of these models: TNT 300: With 300cc fuel-injected parallel twin engine, it makes the passion come alive. The engine is air-cooled and is packed with a 6-speed gearbox which will render stability to drive in every road situation. In case of hard braking, you need improved heat dispensation system, and the same purpose is served by inverted front forks and the petal discs up front and rear. In short, here you get the purest riding experience. TNT 600i: Benelli TNT 600i is the latest evolution in the 600cc bikes series from Benelli. The Benelli TNT 600i price in Pakistan will be unveiled after its launch in the country, probably, in the near future. The in-line four-cylinder power plant of this Italian rumbler will turn the heads of spectators. Here you not only enjoy extreme energy but also precise wheel control in any situation. TNT 899: Another superbike from Benelli, the TNT 899 comes with whopping 898cc engine displacement. The incredible power generation and eye-catching space age design lines make it an exotic masterpiece among the naked street bikes. The in-line 3-cylinder machine makes it run like a raging bull. But you can easily control this power addicted beast with the help of performance brakes by Brembo TNT R: Here you meet the incredible 1131cc, inline 3-cylinder engine which is designed to give you absolute power and performance for street biking and on the racetrack. You may rightly call it the modern marvel of power generation and drivability. Forming a strong yet lightweight cage, the curved tubes of the frame are made with the highest quality steel. TNT 600 GT: Want to own one of the world’s best bikes for touring? Benelli TNT 600 GT offers you an intelligent sport touring experience. Against an affordable price package, you can conquer the highways and enjoy nature in its true form. With the refined 600cc, in-line 4-cylinder engine technology, it is going to be your faithful touring companion. And being a touring bike, TNT 600 GT also has an increased luggage storage capacity. This was just a brief list. Several other Benelli bikes are there in the global motorcycle market. Only one model has been launched and another is awaiting its launch. The Benelli bike price in Pakistan for TNT 25 seems to be competitive and reasonable.