Benelli TNT 25 Price in Pakistan with Pictures and Review

Benelli TNT 25 Price in Pakistan

Benelli TNT 25 Price in Pakistan with Pictures and Review

Long Rumored Benelli Finally Launched in Pakistan

Since the beginning of the year, rumors have been floating about the possible launch of Benelli bikes in Pakistan. Impressed by the superior styling, power and performance of this prestigious line of the Italian two-wheelers, the sports bike enthusiasts were impassionate to enjoy a ride on the Benelli bikes.

June 10, 2016 was the day to witness the ultimate launch of Benelli bikes in Pakistan by Buraq Automobile Pvt. Ltd. Initially, the beginner level Benelli TNT 25 was officially launched with around Rs. 4,55,000 price in Pakistan which seems quite reasonable. Its superbike variant, Benelli TNT 600, will soon be on the roads in the country.

Benelli TNT25 Pictures

Benelli TNT 25 – A Fuel Efficient Sports Bike

A 249cc sports bike giving the mileage of 30 km/l is something incredibly impressive. Such an ideal blend of power and fuel efficiency comes from Benelli TNT 25 which is the latest entrant in the high-performance street motorcycle segment in Pakistan. Against justifiable Benelli TNT 25 price in Pakistan, it is an excellent choice for sports biking as well as touring.

Smooth power delivery, relaxing riding posture and refined power plant make it superior to the rival brands in the country like Suzuki Inazuma. So, instead of getting tired on long journeys, it boosts your energy and enthusiasm to enjoy every inch of the ride. It runs equally well on contested city roads, highways, beautiful mountain roads and rough, topsy-turvy terrains.

A Naked Sportbike with Sensuous Styling

vWhat makes the viewers fall in love with TNT 25 on the very first sight is its sensuous styling. The mesmerizing design and dynamics of the bike offer a relishing feast to the eyes of the onlookers.

When you are going to own a bike as a part of your fashionable lifestyle, the looks seem as important as any other feature. You won’t ever compromise for a confident appearance. And when a bold muscular body is combined with nakedness, it results in unparalleled charm, the characteristic of Benelli TNT 25 Pakistan.

Benelli TNT 25 Specs

Benelli TNT 25 specs are so cool and energetic at the same time. It is powered by a high-spirited and lightweight liquid-cooled engine. The 249cc machine utilizes the 4-stroke, 4-valve technology with dual overhead camshafts for the sake of maximum power generation.

The electric starting mechanism eliminates the hassle of kick starting. So, it becomes incredibly easy to get it moving. This feature will be especially helpful while you have to start the bike in congested traffic. In such a situation, you don’t have time to waste.

Benelli TNT25 in Pakistan

You would have heard about the use of Euro II technology in motorcycles. It makes the bike more environment friendly through minimum harmful exhaust into the surroundings. Against affordable Benelli TNT 25 Pakistan price, it carries a superior Euro III technology. It is partly due to the Euro III specification that such a powerful motorbike gives the wonderful mileage of 30 kilometer per liter.

The electronic fuel injection system ensures constant supply of fuel to the engine in a good amount with equal distribution. As a result, you will enjoy a smooth and stable drive without jolts and staggering in any case while on the way for a long journey.

The built-in 6-speed transmission system provides gear for every situation. Comparing TNT 25 with far more powerful Suzuki Bandit 2017 1200cc, the latter features a 5-speed transmission. The 6-speed gearbox is a marvelous technological advancement.

Would you believe this Benelli bike Pakistan is packed with 21 cylinder with each cylinder having four valves? But it does. Now you can imagine how much powerful and energetic it is!

Technologically Advanced Features

Let’s have a look at some of the top features of Benelli TNT 25 that will make you love it more than any other bike with the same specifications.

The Special Benelli Roar: The first Benelli bike was developed more than a century ago in 1911. In the beginning the Benelli bike sound was not that much impressive. After the lapse of nearly a century, in 2004, came the special Benelli roar. This unique and fantastic roar characterizes the TNT 25 like all the other models of the brand. In fact, the sound will be a pleasing music to your ears. It’s Braaaap!

Steel Tube Lattice Frame: Like the larger Benelli bikes machines, the TNT 25 brings a steel tube lattice frame to provide sufficient rigidity for superb handling. At the same time, the light weight of the frame also contributes to confident-inspiring handling of the two-wheeler.

Benelli TNT25 Price in Pakistan 2018

Optimized Ergonomics: The cutting-edge ergonomics of the bike add to the comfort of the bike. The roomy and comfortable seating position are optimized to render the around-town as well as longer tours plenty relaxing.

State-of-the-Art Styling: Do you know the loveliest thing about TNT 25? It is the state-of-the-art styling with sensuous bodywork. The cast-alloy parts of the bike contribute to its stylish looks for grabbing maximum attention of the onlookers. In short, any sports bike fan would love being seen on it after paying economical Benelli TNT 25 price in Pakistan.

Suzuki Inazuma 250 versus Benelli Bike Pakistan TNT 25

With the entry of Benelli 25, the Suzuki Inazuma 250 is going to face a tough and challenging time. Offering the same engine displacement and 6-speed transmission technology, the TNT 25 is going to be incredibly low priced as compared with Inazuma – the least powerful member of Suzuki’s celebrated Power League.

Suzuki Inazuma Price in Pakistan

In both the cases, you come across electronic start mechanism. But, considering the engine specs, the Japanese Inazuma loses the ground in favor of its Italian counterpart. Also the former has a small fuel tank with 13.3 liters against the more than 20 liter fuel capacity of the latter (TNT).

When Suzuki Inazuma 250 price in Pakistan is around Rs. 7,25,000 and its advanced rival is offered against about only Rs. 4,55,000 Benelli TNT 25 price in Pakistan, what would be the choice of the potential buyers? Obviously, the TNT 25 would be their first choice. Then why Inazuma has been more popular and attracting a large number of sales? Logically, it has been so only because of the lack of competition.

Now as the competition becomes intense, it will be of utmost benefit for the potential buyers. They have the option to get something really better against amazingly low price. So, it won’t be wrong to call the launch of Benelli in Pakistan a true blessing for the sports bike lovers.




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