Fully Automatic Motorcycle Launched in Pakistan – Bike News

Automatic Bike in Pakistan

Fully Automatic Motorcycle Launched in Pakistan – Bike News

Fully Automatic Motorcycle Launched in Pakistan, completely eliminating the need for kick, clutch and gear has been launched in Pakistan by Union Star. It is based on a direct drive technology for its automated operation.

The fully indigenous 70cc bike has a single cylinder engine with 4-speed transmission system. Here you will get equally energetic and stable ride as that of a manual 70cc bike. The fuel tank can accommodate 9 liters of fuel to render significant gap between the fill-ups.

There is no gearbox for manually shifting the gear according to the situation. The same will happen automatically. Meanwhile, you also get rid of the hassle of kick-starting and handling the clutch.

Owing to its simple operation, the automatic motorcycle in Pakistan is useful for the older people and female drivers alike. It requires minimal effort on the part of the rider to run and operate. It starts running as you turn the start switch on and give it throttle.

A few months ago, the same initiative was also taken by Superpower, another brand known for its economical bike prices in Pakistan. Though a lot of effort and investment was made in launching automatic Superpower Scooter and providing training to girls and working women, the company did not get the expected response from the public.

This time it is Union Star introducing bikes without clutch and gear. The motorcycle industry gurus are predicting a bright future for automatic motorcycles in Pakistan. And, as reported on Samaa TV, the bike is already attracting a large number of potential buyers.

As for Union Star automatic bike price in Pakistan is concerned, it is within the affordable limits of low income buyers. According to some sources, you can own it for just around Rs. 45,000. However, for Shari Automatic bike, the price has been reported to be about Rs. 61,000 by Samaa TV. In any case, it is less than the CD 70 Honda bike – the best seller 70 cc bike in Pakistan.

Automatic Motorcycle in Pakistan

Automatic Motorcycle Pros and Cons:

Based on automated operating mechanism, an automatic bike carries several advantages for the users. But, at the same time, it carries some disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some of the automatic motorcycle pros and cons.


Direct Drive Technology with Minimum Effort: The direct drive technology of the automatic motorcycle minimizes the effort to run the bike. To make it run, just press the start button and turn the accelerator.

No Kick, Gear or Clutch: You don’t need to strike the kick, press the clutch or shift the gears. All these options are absent and you are saved from all the hassle.

Best for Older People & Females: As the bike needs minimum effort to start, drive and operate, it will be especially suitable for females and aged people.

100% Localized: The automatic bike in Pakistan is fully indigenous and 100% localized. The parts will not only be economical but also within the easy reach of everyone.

Affordability: The automatic bike price in Pakistan is amazingly affordable. As compared with Honda CD 70, it is very much low priced, almost as low as Rs. 45,000!

Discourages One-Wheeling: One wheeling is one of the most dangerous activities on the road. The one-wheeling enthusiasts not only break the law but also put their lives at high risk. Any accident is usually fatal.

Owning to the absence of clutch and manual gear shift facility, an automatic motorcycle is not fit for one-wheeling and discourages such a dangerous practice.

Grabs Attention of Onlookers: Being something especially unique and only recently launched in Pakistan, it makes the rider grab the attention of the onlookers. In other words, riding this type of motorbike you can stand out in the crowd.


Strangeness: New and unique, a bike without gear or clutch is going to give a culture shock. Unlike the traditional bikes, it does not have a kick-start system, an operating clutch and a manual gear selector. So, it will take time for the people to get used to it.

High Maintenance & Replacement Cost: Based on new technology, it will be difficult for the mechanics to learn how to repair it. It means you will either be unable to get service or pay a high maintenance cost.

Battery/Start Switch Failure: What will you do in case of battery failure? The whole bike is electric. In case the battery runs out, you will have no way to start the bike. The failure of start switch will pose the same sort of problem.

Unsuitable for Sporting: The automatic bike in Pakistan usually carries a 70cc engine. With this specification, it may be fit for city roads and intercity travels, but you can’t use it as a sports bike. Similarly, it cannot be an exact replacement of the specialized touring bikes.




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