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A two-wheeler vehicle takes two adjectives with it – the cheapest and the most dangerous. Anyone who cannot afford any other automobile can at least buy a standard motorbike. But driving it through busy traffic is the most perilous activity or adventure on road. But don’t worry! The manufacturers are now installing advanced safety features to minimize the possibility of accidents and to avoid injuries in case of some collision or crash. In addition to the use of helmet, the sophisticated safety features include greater control while driving, efficient brakes, brighter and long range headlights, safeguards, and so on. A bike enthusiast or just want it for need? You are at the right place. It is a one-stop info desk to keep you updated about all the aspects and dimensions of any and every type of bike in Pakistan. Here you will also learn about the bike prices in Pakistan from different brands.

The specs standards of each bike are elaborated in detail along with their pros and cons. While planning to buy a motorbike, you also like to make comparison of bikes from different brands. We have already make comparisons of features as well as bike prices in Pakistan for you.

Three Japanese bikes brands of Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are competing for superiority and higher market share in the country. Each company is offering multiple brands with different engine capacities and fuel economy. Similarly, there are different bikes rates in Pakistan which correspond to the specs standards.

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Which of the bikes in Pakistan enjoys the top ranking? Among the standard street bikes, CD 70 with reasonable Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan is the most popular bike. It enjoys the trust and praise of all those who want to own an economical and fuel efficient bike. However, it does not cater to the taste of those who love energy, sports and racing. It also has a high resale value and even the old motorcycles literally sell like hot cakes.

Honda bike Pakistan is available in 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc and 500cc variants. An example of 500cc is Honda CBR500 which is undoubtedly a heavy bike. It means Honda has something for all sorts of bikes buyers in the country.

In the category of heavy and sports bikes in Pakistan, Suzuki goes a few steps ahead. It means the Suzuki bikes in Pakistan include multiple heavy bike models, such as Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki Inazuma, Suzuki Intruder and Suzuki Bandit. Owning to their extraordinary power and performance, Suzuki heavy bikes price in Pakistan is higher than those from Honda and Yamaha.

Turning to Yamaha bike Pakistan, you will come across models with engine capacity ranging from 70cc to 125. Here is a good news for the low-income buyers that Yamaha bike price in Pakistan is almost always lower than the one from competing Japanese models with same specs standards.

But it doesn’t mean that Yamaha has nothing to contribute the range of heavy bikes in Pakistan. Yamaha heavy bike range includes 150cc, 250cc and 500cc variants. The styling and body dimensions of these bikes are particularly pleasing to the eye.

Recently, the local motorbike market has seen a huge influx of China motorcycles. Nearly a dozen Chinese manufacturers are producing and marketing their bikes brands in the country which mostly belong to the 70cc category. However, Chinese bikes with 100cc, 125cc and 150cc engine capacities are also available in the market. The most popular Chinese bikes include Eagle, Ravi, Metro and Super Power bike in Pakistan.

In addition to the standard 70cc bike, Super Power has also introduced multiple models of heavy bikes in Pakistan. Among them the notable are Super Power ARCHI 150cc and Super Power LEO 200cc. LEO is a fantastic four stroke bike which uses both petrol and CNG as fuel. There are both kick-start and self-start systems. Amazingly, it comes with 5-gear system, one of which is the reverse gear.


Three Japanese bikes brands, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, have been dominating the motorcycle market in Pakistan for decades. A few years back, a Chinese bike made its debut in the country. Then followed a series of Chinese brands offering standard, heavy as well as sports bikes in Pakistan.

Chinese motorcycles Pakistan are gaining more and more popularity day by day. They are posing a tough competition to their Japanese counterparts. Even Honda CD 70, once king of the standard motorcycle industry in Pakistan, is losing its clientele. But what is the reason?

It is particularly because of the price factor. The Chinese bikes are much cheaper than that of their Japanese counterparts. You can buy three China bikes in the price of two Japanese motorcycles. Moreover, the Chinese manufacturers are incorporating such advanced features to ensure fuel efficiency and environment friendly behavior, for example, the Euro II technology.

In any case, any of the China bikes cannot compete with Honda CD 70 for its resale value. The used Honda bikes are quickly resalable with minimum cut in price. On the other hand, if you want to sell a used Chinese bike after just a month of its purchase, you may have to sell it for as low as 50% cut in price. Can you consider it a good deal?

Types of Bikes in Pakistan:

Both Chinese and Japanese brands are offering as many as seven different types of bikes in Pakistan. These are:

  • Standard bikes or Naked Bikes: Also called roadsters, the standard bikes are the general purpose motorcycles for paved roads. On a naked bike, you need to sit in an upright position. You can maintain a natural position with shoulders above the hips. These bikes are meant for short distances.
  • Sports Bikes: As the very name suggests, the sports bikes are used for sporting. While riding on them, you need to maintain a forward body posture. They are designed to give you top speed, grip, braking and handling. However, here you cannot enjoy the level of comfort and fuel economy offered by less specialized motorbikes.
  • Touring Bikes: If you are looking for a bike for long travels, it is probably a touring bike. The design and engine displacement of touring bikes are specialized for long journeys. Fuel tanks are large enough to offer long ranges between fill-ups. You can sit on them in a relaxed, upright position. There are measures to give you protection from wind and weather.
  • Scooters: The engine sizes of scooters are smaller than those of standard motorcycles. So, they are quieter than the motorcycles. The design is such that you can easily keep it clean and tidy. Meanwhile, there is also more built-in space for storage. The continuously variable transmission system and automatic clutches make it easy for you to ride on them.
  • Dual Sport or Dual Purpose Bikes: These dual-purpose bikes are designed to run on both the paved roads and off-road situations. The dual-sport bikes are higher than other street bikes with a tall seat height. There is a related category of adventure motorbikes which perform better on pavement than on unpaved roads.
  • Sport Touring Bikes: The sport touring bikes include the features of both the sports and touring bikes. A relaxed rider posture offers better comfort for long distances. Unlike a purely sport bike, a touring sport bike gives greater luggage capacity. On the other hand, they are lighter than pure touring bikes and have a racier engine.
  • Heavy Bikes: Heavy bike is basically a type of sports bike in Pakistan with heavy components. They have large engine displacements to give top speed and acceleration. Here you enjoy extreme level of power, energy and control a bike can offer. There is excellent braking power, comfortable handling and wonderful cornering ability.

On this website, you will get information about the price, features and the launch of new models of all these types of bikes.